Fedellos do Couto

Ribeira Sacra

This is a young project, conceived in 2013, and the early vintages already show outstanding potential. Fedellos loosely translates as "Brats", and Couto refers to the 12th century manor in Ribeira Sacra at the heart of the vineyards. The Fedellos in question are Luis Taboada (whose family has owned the Couto for generations), viticulturist Pablo Soldavini and winemakers Curro Barreño and Jesús Olivares. Pablo is an advocate of organic viticulture, whilst Curro and Jesús come from the Gredos region, where they worked with winemakers (and fellow Indigoers) Dani Landi and Fernando GarcÌa. They lease four hectares of vineyards which are farmed organically, with the intention of introducing biodynamic methods. The vines are planted on terraces along the steep slopes of the rivers Sil and Bibei, with a myriad of grape varieties, altitudes, and expositions that they work manually. The wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts and whole bunches, at low temperatures to favour a gentle extraction of colour and phenolics. All the wines share an Atlantic freshness and a slatey minerality that make these wines unmistakably Galician.

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Region - Galicia