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September came to jolt us dramatically out of our summer idyll. With various producers in town and two major trade tastings, we still managed to make it through the month with our sanity and (mostly) undamaged livers. Scroll down for some photographic evidence of our tastings and the week’s general madness.

Australia 2 Luke, Con-Greg, and Timo


The inaugural Artisans of Australia tasting took place at Cargo in Shoreditch on September 20th. Over 20 of the country’s most exciting winemakers were present, including Indigo’s own Taras Ochota (Ochota Barrels), Gary Mills (Jamsheed), Con-Greg Grigoriou (Delinquente Wines), Luke Lambert and Timo Mayer. We also poured wines from our Barossa producers Ruggabellus and Eperosa.

The venue was packed all day and at times people struggled to make it to the tables to taste. Yet despite the madness, the energy was one of enthusiasm and discovery. There was a palpable sense that the diversity of grape varieties, styles and general quality these talented winemakers have been putting into their bottles were finally getting their due recognition. A special thanks to the team at Wine Australia for all the hard work they put in to make this happen!

Australia 3 Gary Mills of Jamsheed

Australia 4 Taras Ochota of Ochota Barrels

Australia 5


For us, the week was a magical combination of wines we love to drink and winemakers we really enjoy hanging out with. We hope we showed our customers and friends a good time in the process.

Dirty Dozen 1


Only a week later we celebrated another edition of the annual Dirty Dozen tasting, which brings together twelve of the UK’s best independent importers and is consistently rated as the best tasting of the season.

Dirty Dozen 3


This year’s edition, held at Soho’s Vinyl Factory, was no exception. We welcomed guest exhibitors Top Selection and SWiG to the mix, giving the tasting even more variety. Although us Dirty Dozen members are technically competitors, we really enjoy this yearly collaboration and feel that we manage to offer our customers something truly unique and special as a result.

Dirty Dozen 5


So what’s next for Indigo this year? We’re looking forward to an epic harvest in Priorat, more visiting winemakers, and plenty of wine-centric Christmas shenanigans. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram to keep up, get in touch here to sign up to our newsletter!

Dirty Dozen 7