About Us

what we do

We source, import and distribute unique and artisanal wines from all around the world, to the UK’s best restaurants and independent retailers. We’re best known for fresh and balanced wines from Spain, often from producers in lesser-known regions, who work with indigenous grapes. More often than not these wines come from growers who are focusing predominantly on their vineyards, to produce healthy fruit often farmed organically or biodynamically. If you are travelling to the vineyards, experience tells you if it is a happy and healthy place and that is usually transferred into the liquid itself.

Over the years we’ve expanded our portfolio to include some real gems from Portugal, Austria, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Chile and beyond— although Spain will always be at the heart of what we do. We work hard to find talented growers who are committed to making real, honest, and above all, delicious wines. They are the true heroes of the wine world.