An Official Welcome to Indigo’s New Website

1Feb Posted by Geco Designs

We made it! After almost a year of hard work, our new site is up. I can hardly believe it. When we started on the path towards developing our current visual identity, a new website was our top priority. But it wasn’t just about updating our branding. We wanted to understand how we could make it a tool to make our customers’ lives easier.

I did some informal research by calling a few customers, and this website is a result of those conversations. We decided it should be a complete resource when it came to our wines, with information on the winemakers, technical sheets and bottle shots for every wine, and high-quality visuals— which of course meant tons of content and a lot of (continuous) work. But ultimately we feel it is well worth it. We hope our customers find it both intuitive and informative—a tool to supply them with the necessary information on producers they already list, and a means to discover new wines.

You’ll notice that not all our winemakers are currently listed—but we’re working hard to get all the information up as quickly as possible. If there’s anything you need that you can’t find, please send me a quick email. I’m also open to any suggestions for improvement, as this is really about providing you with the best possible service.

And do check back often, as we’ll be publishing frequently on this blog. We intend to make it an interesting and relevant space with pieces on wine, restaurants and travel, as well as a hub for all things Indigo.