If you read our newsletters, you might have seen a story we published a few months ago on the amazing wines of Galicia. We made a brief mention of a producer we were really excited to have added to our portfolio: Luis Anxo Rodriguez of Viña Martín. We’ve had our eyes on this under-the-radar winemaker for a while now, based on some very trustworthy recommendations from our favourite Spanish growers. Last October we finally managed to pay him a visit at his hometown of Arnoia – a village in the province of Ourense– and we’ve been counting the days for his wines to arrive in London ever since.

Humble and focused, Luis knows Ribeiro better than almost anyone else– he even served as the president of the Ribeiro D.O. for many years. He has been quietly crafting wines around Arnoia since 1988, using his knowledge of the region to slowly purchase just over 5 hectares of vineyard, scattered over 100 carefully chosen micro-plots. His mission is to showcase the enormous potential of native grape varieties such as Treixadura, Lado, Ferrol, Caiño Longo, Caiño Redondo, and Brancellao. The soils are decomposed granite with sandy topsoil, and vines range from 10 to 50 years of age, with many of them being planted by Luis himself. His range of wines is split into Os Pasás or A Torna dos Pasás, coming more fertile soils and younger vines, and Escolma, a selection of his older vines from poorer soils and much lower yields

All wines are fermented with native yeasts in either stainless steel vats or old French oak barrels. They are muscular, yet ethereal and elegant, with great intensity of flavour. These are the kind of bottles that can be opened and drunk in minutes, or cellared for two decades. Luis is a true Ribeiro institution, considered a legend by many—especially Burgundy devotees—and after tasting his wines we understand why. So if we’ve managed to pique your interest, please send us a message for more information on pricing and availability. We have a feeling they won’t be around for long.

Complete information, including technical sheets, will be up on our site soon.