During the three months leading up to Christmas Indigo will donate £1 for each bottle sold, from a selection of our favourite Chilean wines (full list below), to the go-fund-me campaigns mounted by Leo Erazo (Rogue Vine) and Jose-Luis and Daniela Gómez Bastías (Viña González Bastías) – who have both been severely affected by the recent fires and flooding in Itata and Maule.

Rogue Vine was founded by friends Leo Erazo and Justin Decker, to restore and bring recognition to the old bush vines on steep granitic hills that form part of the viticultural heritage of southern Chile. When wildfires swept through Itata in February, 90% of the vineyards which they farm were burned, many of the vines they lost were over 100 years old.

Assessing the damage in the days after the fires Leo observed: “Definitely there are some vineyards that won’t recover – the trunks have burnt literally to charcoal. I had a parcel of Moscatel planted in the 1870s that was next to the eucalyptus, and that will not recover. My guess is that from the 90% of production that we have lost, half of the vines will recover and half will need to be replanted”.

One of Rogue Vine’s vineyards in Itata damaged by the fires.

Jose-Luis and Daniela of González Bastías sustainably farm 4ha of very old vine Pais, Torontel, Moscatel and Semillon on the banks of the River Maule. On 21st August 150mm of rain fell in 24 hours, double the previous record of 84mm in 1963, swelling the river to record levels, engulfing their vineyards and destroying their winery and house. This short video shows their vineyards after the rain.

Daniela, ever a beacon of positivity, tells us that now the waters have receded they are beginning recovery work in the vineyards and rebuilding their home.

We’re hearing about the effects of climate change on the environment, wildlife and people increasingly frequently. In the last six months two incidents have hit particularly close to home as they impacted two wineries that we work with in Chile. In July Daniela and José Luis from Gonzalez Bastias travelled to London, the team and our customers were taken by their energy and commitment to their heritage vines.

Fast-forward three months and floods in Maule destroyed their family home and winery, and inundated their vineyards. It isn’t the first climate disaster in central Chile this year. Leo Erazo of Rogue Vine faced wild fires that spread rapidly across the Itata region in February. As a team our hearts went out to Daniela, Jose-Luis and Leo, we felt we had to do something to help them to rebuild their lives and replant their vineyards.

Ben Henshaw, owner Indigo Wine

If you would like to support or learn more about this campaign, please contact your sales rep. or

Wines in the fundraiser:

Dominio del Cuarzo Itata Cinsault
Dominio del Cuarzo Itata Pais Ñipas
Gonzalez Bastias Pais Matorral
Gonzalez Bastias Tierra Madre
Liberame Pet Nat Blanco
Liberame Pet Nat Rosado
RETA Quebrada Chalinga Pinot Noir
RETA Romelio
RETA Quebrada Seca Chardonnay
Rogue Vine Grand Itata Blanco
Rogue Vine Grand Itata Tinto
Tinta Tinto Syrah
Calco Chardonnay
Calco Pinot Noir
Vignerons Fine Wines Tinto de la Reina Malbec
Vignerons Fine Wines Tinto del Itata Cinsault
Viñedos de Alcohuaz Rhu
Viñedos de Alcohuaz Tococo
Viñedos de Alcohuaz Grus