We’re fundraising to support our Chilean wineries affected by recent flooding and wildfires to replant and re-build.

27Sep Posted by Jo Lory

During the three months leading up to Christmas Indigo will donate £1 for each bottle sold, from a selection of our favourite Chilean wines (full list below), to the go-fund-me campaigns mounted by Leo Erazo (Rogue Vine) and Jose-Luis and

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Sugrue South Downs partners with Indigo for UK distribution

31Aug Posted by Jo Lory

It’s been a year of new beginnings for Dermot and Ana Sugrue at award-winning boutique English producer Sugrue South Downs: from their first vineyard purchase, Bee Tree Vineyard near Lewes in East Sussex; foundations are in for a dedicated winery

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Some of us are looking at the stars: a conversation with Felipe Ramirez

11Jul Posted by Jo Lory

Filipe Ramirez has the four stars of the Southern Cross constellation on the labels of his Dominio del Cuarzo project from the Itata Valley in Chile. When we spoke to him last week he explained: “I’m always looking south, the

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Javier-Revert_by Estanis Nunez

Don’t be afraid of the sun: Mediterranean Spain comes out of the shadows

2Jun Posted by Jo Lory

In a Wine Advocate article last year Luis Gutierrez observed: We all drink fresh wines and love Burgundy, people talk a lot about Galicia, Atlantic, cool-climate wines and about up-and-coming regions like the Canary Islands. But the warmer regions can

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Luke with Smudge

Luke Lambert: on new vintages and his Nebbiolo vineyard.

23May Posted by Jo Lory

You can tell a lot about a winemaker from their cellar. Luke Lambert’s is a modest brick building housing the large oak foudre he uses to age his wines, a large dining table and a very high end Italian meat

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António Maçanita: Electric Wines from the Edge

21Apr Posted by Jack Young

Energy in wine is intangible, but immediately recognisable. Does it come from the acidity, a bracing, mouth-puckering sharpness that makes a wine feel alive and pulsating with energy? Is it salinity, that salty, sea-spray taste that gives it a sense

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Frenchtown Farms: working in harmony with nature.

7Feb Posted by Jo Lory

We caught up with Cara and Aaron Monkrish of Frenchtown Farms, via Zoom from the remarkable vineyard that goes into their Pearl Thief white blend. They told us the unusual history of the project, and about their intuitive approach to

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Wightman & Sons: The Accidental Winemakers

9Dec Posted by Jack Young

Winemakers often fall into two camps: some inherit the title and are described as having “winemaking in their DNA”; others have an encounter or “epiphany” which sets them on the path to winemaking, or a sense of romance that “ties

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The long game: Leo Erazo’s journey towards sustainability. Part 1.

27Oct Posted by Jo Lory

Leo Erazo is a winemaker with a global perspective: after university he travelled for 10 years, studying biodynamic methods in California; soil types in South Africa; and geology in New Zealand before returning to South America. Rogue Vine was his

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House veg garden_kale_ winery

Water is life: Leo Erazo’s journey towards sustainability. Part 2.

27Oct Posted by Jo Lory

Since moving back to Itata Leo Erazo (Rogue Vine) has built a sustainable winery, and started planting some new vineyards close to the coast. I spoke to him about these, and the steps he’s taken to lower the carbon footprint

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