William Downie: The devil’s in the detail

24Oct Posted by Jo Lory

Young Guns of Wine, a barometer for new talent on the Aussie wine scene once described Bill Downie as: This century’s original enfant terrible of wine. A cheerful iconoclast that scythed through convention. The Bill Downie who we spoke to

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Old vines pull through: Márcio Lopes’ Douro wines

29Sep Posted by Jack Young

We’ve always loved Márcio’s benchmark Pequenos Rebentos wines from the Vinho Verde, they have incredible brightness and energy while still retaining a sense of character. So, when Márcio told us about his Proibido project, based in the Douro Superior, we

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Tasting the 2021 vintage with Johan Meyer in London.

15Sep Posted by Jo Lory

Johan Meyer was in London for a whirlwind of visits this week, we caught up with him to taste the newly arrived Mother Rock and Brutal! wines. Johan feels that the vineyards in South Africa got back of track in

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Casa Castillo: Mediterranean Spain earns its place in the sun

26Jul Posted by Jo Lory

Casa Castillo has come a long way in the 30 years since José María and his father took their vineyards back from the tenant farmers, and made their first wines. Now they are considered among the best in Spain, credited

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In conversation with Maria Castro.

31May Posted by Jack Young

Álvaro Castro represents a contemporary vision of Portuguese wine, one that emphasises elegance, refinement and restraint. Wines that have freshness and immense drinkability. We spoke to his daughter Maria to find out more about the estate and their project. Álvaro

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Enclòs de Peralba: making Penedès great again!

25Jan Posted by Jo Lory

We recently started working with Leo Gramona and his cousin Roc, the energetic next generation of well known sparkling wine producer. L’Enclòs de Peralba gives them freedom to experiment outside the family business, and focus on single parcels of local

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Beyond Burgundy: Sashi Moorman on how he and Rajat Parr are rewriting the story at Evening Land Vineyards.

15Nov Posted by Jo Lory

Whenever someone makes Pinot Noir or Chardonnay with serious intent there are inevitable comparisons with Burgundy. Especially when one of the partners in the project is award winning sommelier turned winemaker and vineyard owner Rajat Parr, whose deep affection and

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The Stellenbosch Revolution?

19Oct Posted by Jo Lory

Stellenbosch is South Africa’s Napa Valley, one of the most historic wine regions, and a centre for tourism. Money poured in when larger companies arrived in the 80s and 90s, many of the smaller grape farmers were pushed aside, but

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Jonantan vineyard

Single vineyard reds from Suertes del Marques

20Sep Posted by Jo Lory

The elegant, electric whites from Suertes del Marqués often hog the limelight, but they have been making some distinctive new single vineyard reds in recent years. We caught up with owner and winemaker Jonatan García on Zoom to taste them

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1000 Small Decisions: Introducing Lady of the Sunshine and Scar of the Sea

6Aug Posted by Jo Lory

There are a lot of synergies between Scar of the Sea and Lady of the Sunshine: owner/ winemakers Mikey and Gina Giugni share a cellar in San Luis Obispo; and as they explained when we spoke recently they share a

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