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Biodynamics – just a load of bull?!

15Aug Posted by Jo Lory

Jancis Robinson presents an open-minded overview of biodynamics in an article for the FT last year, despite the title: “Biodynamic wine and the Hogwarts school of viticulture“. Discussions with people in the wine trade often include a certain amount of scepticism or just

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Bodegas Gainza

Taking a sustainable approach at Gaintza Txakoli

30Jul Posted by Jo Lory

Maybe you’ve done a pintxo crawl around the narrow cobbled streets of San Sebastian or Bilbao. You probably sank a fair few low flat tumblers of the pale, green appley white with a slight spritz along the way, which makes

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Mutiliana – a new language of Sangiovese

15Jul Posted by Jo Lory

When Giorgio Melandri, the founder of Mutiliana, and his daughter Livia visited we had the opportunity to catch up with Giorgio and discuss the inspiration behind the project. Sine sole sileo. Without the sun I am silent. You might have seen this

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Bodega Lanzaga – Re-framing the history of Rioja

12Jun Posted by Jo Lory

On the surface Rioja seems steeped in tradition: historic wineries with lofty cellars stacked with barrels that define a well-known classification system based on time spent in oak. In fact this is a tradition that dates back to the 18th

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Javier Revert’s fresh take on the past

29Apr Posted by Jo Lory

“The future lies in the past” has become something of a battle cry for a new generation of  winemakers in Spain who are reviving long abandoned vineyards and rediscovering a wealth of native grapes. Javier Revert is very much part of

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Envínate: four heads are better than one?

12Mar Posted by Jo Lory

The first thing that Roberto Santana explained when we arrived at their Palo Blanco vineyard in Valle de la Orotava was that he, Laura Ramos, Jose Martínez and Alfonso Torrente make the wines together, even though they come from different

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Indigo on Tour: A history lesson and a great party at Suertes del Marqués

8Mar Posted by Jo Lory

Tenerife is an island of contrasts. Mount Teide at 3,718m dominates, and also defines the climate which is completely different on the north and south sides of the island. The volcano catches clouds that blow in from the Atlantic and

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A visit to Eulogio Pomares in Rías Baixas

22Jan Posted by Jo Lory

There’s something slightly mystical about Galicia. As we headed west to meet Eulogio Pomares and his wife Rebeca at Bodegas Zarate we passed rolling valleys, with wisps of cloud trapped in the granite hollows like watchful ghosts. There are five

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Portfolio Tasting – Tuesday 12th February 2019

23Nov Posted by Jo Lory

Meet the brilliant people behind the wines A common thread across our diverse portfolio is the connection our winemakers have with their land. They’re artisans who work in harmony with their environment and the traditions of their regions. Over half our

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Joan d’Anguera: a winemaking partnership to be reckoned with.

20Aug Posted by Jo Lory

The history of cinema is built on iconic partnerships: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman, the quintessential Western for many people, was followed by The Sting, arguably the best heist movie of all times.

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