Val di Mezzane

In 1986, Marinella Camerani decided she needed a drastic lifestyle change. Formerly an accountant, she moved back to the country to her family’s house, 13 km northeast of Verona, to live a life off the land. On their farm was a neglected vineyard, previously not used to make any sort of serious wine. This vineyard became Marinella’s project and from books, experimentation and some wine travel she tidied up the vineyard and taught herself how to make wine. From the get-go, the vineyards were farmed organically and she has now introduced biodynamics. The prestigious and well respected Corte Sant’Alda was her first venture and this put her on the winemaking map. Working with her daughter, Adalia is her second project made from grapes picked on an additionally purchased 5 hectare vineyard. Both of the vineyards are situated in the sub zone of Val di Mezzane, a fertile hilly landscape which is fast gaining recognition for their quality of wine. This vineyard is interspersed with cherry and olive trees to help encourage biodiversity, which in turn helps fight off pests and disease. Adalia is a reference to Adalia Bipunctuata, a two dotted ladybird very common in their vineyards, and particularly efficient at keeping aphids at bay. This now features on all their labels. Wine-making is as you would expect - wild yeast, ageing in stainless steel or seasoned barrique for the Ripasso and Amarone.

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Region - Veneto