Bodega Lanzaga


Telmo Rodríguez and his partner and friend Pablo Eguzkiza set up Compañia de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez in 1994. The project identifies old vineyards throughout Spain planted with native grape varieties, that they feel have potential. In 1998, while working at Telmo's family winery Remelluri in Rioja Alavesa, they started to buy old vineyard sites around the town of Lanciego. This was the catalyst for Bodega Lanzaga. Their aim is to rediscover the ‘true’ historic taste of Rioja that they believe can only be achieved from the best sites. “We respect the capacity of generations of vine growers who observed these places and recognised their value”. Telmo is a vocal advocate for the potential of Spanish wine, believing it should sit of the table with the best of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Time spent studying and working in France led him to question Rioja’s reluctance to acknowledging a wine’s origin, vineyard or village, on the label. “Our wines are not made by winemakers, they’re made by grape growers.... Once you understand your place, you know how to work.” They make Corriente a young 'honest' négoce wine for everyday drinking, they use estate grapes and also buy from local growers. 100% from their own vineyards they make village wines LZ and Lanciego, plus two single vineyard wines El Velado and La Estrada from ‘el Monte’ a hilltop next to Lanciego; they also make two special cru wines Tabuérniga and Las Beatas from painstakingly restored terraced vineyards in Labastida. These are pure terroir wines, representing historical vineyards in the most transparent way possible.

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