Christian Ducroux

Vin de France

Christian Ducroux moves at the unhurried pace of someone who knows where he’s going, and is in no rush to get there. His journey started in 1970 when he bought 7.5 hectares of vines just west of Régnié. He will be the first to tell you that he is a farmer, rarely using the term winemaker, concentrating first and foremost on soil health and biodiversity in his vineyards. He has been farming organically since 1980, and the domaine was one of the very first in Europe to be certified biodynamic in 1986. He has since reduced the size he farms to around 4 hectares - the maximum area he can manage on his own while still giving his vines all the attention they need. Walking into Christian’s cellar inside the old farm is a bit like climbing into a time-machine. He ferments semi-carbonically, using native yeasts in old cement tanks and ancient foudres, the traditional vessel of the region, and doesn't add sulphur at any time in the winemaking process. Alcohol levels are always low due to the high altitude of his vineyards, the absence of fertilizers, and the diminished foliage compared to conventional producers. Tired of arguing with the INAO, Christian moved his entire production to Vin de France, there is a depth and purity to this wines, yet they are light as a feather.

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Region - Beaujolais