Cinq Peyres

Vin de France

Farming and fermentation have always been in Charles Bonnafont's blood. He grew up on his parents cider farm in Normandy, before moving to the south of France to make the switch from apples to grapes. Biodiversity is second nature to Charles; his family allowed chickens and pigs to roam the farm, and planted barley, wheat and seeds, to create healthy, active soil. Having trained first as a biologist, and then as an oenologist, Charles took over the farm in 2014 at the age of just 20, tending to 12 hectares of vines. He's immediately set about refining his winemaking vision; the vineyards are in conversion to biodynamics, and he is grafting native grape varieties like Mauzac, Loin de L’Oeil, Braucol and Duras back into the vineyards. The wines are fresh, juicy and extremely drinkable, made with minimal intervention and informed by the "du bon sens paysans", or "farmer's common sense" that Charles employs; as he says: "Oenology is just the chemistry and business of wine. For me, wine is about people, vines, terroirs,!”

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Region - Gaillac