Col di Corte

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

Col di Corte is located in the rolling green hills of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, about 20 km from the Adriatic. Giacomo Rossi took over the winery in 2011, after working in the film industry. His interest was piqued after working on a documentary called Natural Resistance, which follows several pioneers of the natural wine field in Italy. Giacomo started converting his vineyards to organics immediately, gaining certification in 2015, and the winery joined biodynamic terroir focused group Renaissance des Appellations in 2018. Respect for nature and the cycles of the seasons is part of the DNA at Col di Corte. They refer to their farming as agro-ecology, and believe that stewardship and understanding of land and territory are the foundations of healthy agriculture, which goes beyond the rules of organic or biodynamic certification. They have a low intervention approach in the winery, and have been using spontaneous ferments for all their wines since 2016. They ferment and age their wines in stainless steel to keep the freshness, drinkability and purity of fruit. The project is still young but they have a passion and sense of pride in their area, and a strong focus on farming, and we look forward to watching it develop.

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Region - Marche