Domaine Paul Gadenne


Paul Gadenne’s interest in wine began 10 years ago when he moved to Chignin, in the foothills of the Bauges massif, with his father. All his friends in the village came from winemaking families, and he started to help in their vineyards in the school holidays. He decided to study winemaking in Beaune, then returned to work in a winery in Chignin. After a couple of years an opportunity arose for him to buy a parcel of Mondeuse from well known local grower Gilles Berlioz, he jumped at the chance and has been slowly growing the area he manages by renting other plots of Jacquère and Bergeron - the local name for Roussanne. He works largely organically in all his vineyards, and has a small cellar where he works in a low intervention way – fermenting with natural yeasts. He is aiming to work with nature and find a pure expression of the local terroir. This is a very young project and winemaker and we’re looking forward to see how they develop.

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