Eperosa Wines

Barossa Valley

Brett Grocke is a fifth generation Barossa grape grower, his intimate knowledge of the region has led him to become one of South Australia’s most respected consultant viticulturists, but it’s Eperosa, a partnership with his mentor (and Rockford owner) Robert O’Callaghan, that’s nearest to his heart. Brett and Robert have invested in six hectares of vineyards around Krondorf. Their motto is ‘Wines built from the dirt up’. The majority of parcels are aged between 50 to a staggering 160 years old, so all vineyard work is done by hand. They farm organically, aiming to create a balanced ecosystem and foster healthy soils. With impeccable raw material to work with the approach in the winery is low tech and low intervention. These are wines of substantial power, purity and complexity, and Brett’s love and understanding of these vineyards give them a genuine sense of place.

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Region - South Australia