Gaintza Txakolina

Getariako Txakolina

Txakoli comes from the Basque country on the cool, green Atlantic coast of Spain. Typically it’s a slightly spritzy dry white with a saline tang, cousin of those other great Atlantic wines Muscadet and Vinho Verde, it's a natural partner to the abundant local seafood. Four generations of the Lazkano family have produced and sold Txakoli. José Antonio, grandfather of the current owners, used to make wine at home for family consumption and to sell locally, until they set up the Gaintza cellar in 1923. The family have a deep respect for their land and the local traditions but they're also looking ahead, adopting modern technology to improve quality. They own 25 hectares of vineyards, bathed by the fresh Cantabrian sea air, but protected by the Garate hill. They have a mix of older planting on high pergolas and newer terraced plantings. They mainly grow Hondarribi Zuri, the most common and traditional grape in Txakoli production, and this is supplemented by rare red varietal Hondarribi Beltz and some Chardonnay.

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Region - Getaria