Javier Revert


Javier Revert has been on our radar for a while. He has strong bonds to his home region, where his family have farmed there for generations, and he studied viticulture at the Universidad Politécnica in Valencia. We knew he was looking to start his own small parcel project around his village Font de la Figuera, between Valencia and Castilla La Mancha. One afternoon Javi was walking with his grandfather, who mentioned that an old vineyard they came across had been planted by his great-grandfather. This discovery prompted Javi to keep an eye out for other old, terraced sites. He prefers north facing sites, as he's looking to achieve freshness and elegance. Soils here are rich in calcium carbonate, not unlike the albariza around Jerez. Originally planted with field blends, the plots haven’t been worked for years so are now part of a patchwork of Mediterranean flora, olive and almond trees. The old vineyards were planted with local varietals such as Tortosí, Trepadell, Malvasía, Merseguera, Verdil, Garnacha Tintorera, Monastrell and Arcos. These wines are pure, honest and vibrant. Transparent reflections of each site and vintage. They're made in minuscule quantities and, we think, are destined to become an benchmark for the new wave in Eastern Spain.

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Region - Valencia