Jean Max

Vin de France

Maxime Barrot grew up in Charnay, in the heart of Pierres Dorées in the south of Beaujolais. The area takes its name from the gold flecked limestone they use for building there, the colour comes from the iron oxide. After studying winemaking and viticulture in Burgundy, Maxime travelled to Chile where he met winemaker Roberto Henriquez, whose influence encouraged him to pursue a more natural approach to winemaking. On returning to France he honed his winemaking skills at Domaine La Soufrandière; and worked a vintage with natural wine pioneer Yvon Métras in Fleurie, which deepened his understanding of the Beaujolais and the best sites for Gamay. With his own project, Domaine Jean-Max, he wants to highlight the rich and largely unknown southern part of Beaujolais. Maxime refers to himself an 'explorer of terroir' and chose the hare – the pacemaker athlete who leads a long-distance running event - as a symbol for his forward looking project. In 2020 he started partnerships with six growers, exploring six terroirs with unique characteristics. His winemaking is largely natural and non-interventionist, encouraging the inherent characteristics of the fruit and the soils to shine through.

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