Vino d'Italia

Marco "Barba" has an affinity with farming and nature. After finishing his studies, he moved to Jura to work as a shepherd and farmer, inspired by biodynamic agriculture and the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. He decided to move back to his home town of Lonigo, in the Veneto region, and apply his newfound knowledge to producing wines, working at Stefano Menti's winery. He began producing wine from several vineyards he managed on behalf of some elderly widows in his native town, and with the help of his friends - who he terms 'the Barbaboyz', started producing his own wines, gradually changing the agriculture of the vineyards to align with his philosophy. The Marcobarba wines are made with a purists' approach: farmed responsibly and with minimal additions: "wines simply made with grapes" he says. The wines are quite unique as Marco combines traditional grapes with unidentified local varieties in the blends, which help express the mineral rich soils of the area.

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Region - Veneto