Martin Texier

Côtes du Rhône

Son of accomplished natural winemaker Eric Texier, of the northern Rhône, Martin knew his path in economics was not his true passion. So he disappeared on a New York sabbatical where he discovered the world of music, before falling back into wine. He returned to the vines in 2014 to follow in his father’s footsteps. He now tends five hectares in and around St. Julien-en-St-Alban, to which he applies no chemicals and hand picks. Planted are classic Rhône varieties over a myriad of soils ranging from clay, limestone, gneiss, schist and granite, all of which add to the depth and range of the wine styles possible to produce. Martin’s drive to employ local traditions in a natural way, using indigenous yeasts and adding very minimal sulphur- if any at all, has had astonishing results right from the very start of his vinous career. He is a seriously talented and exciting young winemaker who is definitely one to watch.

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Region - Rhone Valley