On the weathered sandstone soils above Modigliana "Sangiovese speaks a different language - less alcohol, fresher acidity and more herbal and floral notes" according to Giorgio Melandri. Giorgio spent 20 years tasting and writing about the wines of Emilia-Romagna for Gambero Rosso, few people know the area and its varied terroirs as well as he does. This intimate knowledge inspired him to set up a project focusing on the potential of Modigliana’s different sites and soils. There are three valleys that climb up the Apennines from the town - Ibola, Tramazzo and Acereta which give their names to 3 wines made of pure Sangiovese, each expressing a unique mineral style that highlights the terroir its valley of origin. Giogio calls it "the traditional style before oak and over-ripeness came in" [for Sangiovese]

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Region - Emilia-Romagna