Muxagat Vinhos began as a partnership between winemaker Mateus Nicolau de Almeida and viticulturist Eduardo Lopes. They set up a small, improvised winery in the village of Muxagata, in the Douro Superior, and began sourcing grapes from tiny parcels surrounding the village. In 2002 they produced their first wine, Muxagat Tinto. Quite a bit has changed since then, the winery was moved to the village of Meda, occupying a building that was abandoned during the revolution in 1974. Its granite walls and stone lagares serve as a reminder of the region’s deep-rooted winemaking history. Mateus has left the project but fortunately Luis Seabra (of Niepoort fame) has come on board as consultant winemaker. Eduardo is still in the vineyards, carefully converting all his parcels to organics. The variety of these steep, small plots allows him to work with different altitudes and expositions. All Muxagat wines are made from grapes indigenous to Portugal, planted on schist soils. In the cellar, Luis keeps winemaking simple and hands-off, adding only a bit of sulphur to the wines before bottling. Reds are foot-trodden in the cellar’s old lagares and cement vats.

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Region - Douro Valley