Natte Valleij


Historic Natte Farm sits at the lower slopes of the Simonsberg mountains in Stellenbosch. Once famed for its brandy, the farm was bought by the Milner Family in the late 60’s who took up the vines, laid paddocks and bred racehorses. The estate returned to its winemaking roots in 2005, winemaker Alexander Milner describes the current project as an exploration of the Cape Winelands. When Alexander studied winemaking in Stellenbosch, he was told not to bother learning the chapter about Cinsault, an attitude he found bizarre as it was once a foundation of the wine industry in South Africa, and is well adapted to the region. His appreciation for the grape grew while working at Domain de Trienne in Provence, he calls it calls "the poor man's Pinot Noir" because it has a similar ethereal lightness, and responds closely to its site. He was convinced that he could make equally delicious Cinsault back home. Alexander has spent huge amounts of time riding around The Cape on his bicycle seeking out older dry-farmed bush-vine Cinsault, and is ecstatic to have found a number of beautiful old vineyards scattered across the region. With the character and quality of fruit these old vines produces he can work with minimal intervention in the winery preserving the link between grape and bottle.

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Region - Western Cape