Cienega Valley Clements Hills-Lodi Contra Costa County

Winemaker Nathan Kandler stands firmly by his belief that the winemaker's ultimate mission is to translate the voice of the soil into the glass. But not all vineyards are created equal, and here enters Nathan's keen eye for finding the magical combination of variety, climate and soil. In California’s case, he believes the most special sites are often found outside of the iconic regions (Napa, Russian River, etc.). For Precedent, his first independent effort (his day job is as Associate Winemaker at Thomas Fogarty) he has found 3 unique vineyards, marked by old vines planted on rocky and well drained soils. Native yeasts, whole cluster fermentations, minimal sulphur and the judicious use of well seasoned French Oak are some of the techniques used. "I am looking to create authentic wines that taste of a particularly special place.” The result needs to be tasted: 3 distinctive, pure, and delicious wines that turn conventional wisdom on Californian wine on its head.

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