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Rayco Fernandez had long seen potential in the unique viticulture, indigenous and ancient vines on Lanzarote. The striking lunar landscape dates back to a volcanic eruption in the 18th century which covered much of the island with ash and volcanic dust. You find a unique viticultural feature known as hoyos, these are hand-dug pits with a single vine planted at the bottom. They allows the vine to access the moisture below the surface and also protect it from the desert winds from the western Sahara, some are partially surrounded by walls, to add an extra layer of protection. Rayco was the catalyst for Puro Rofe, a collaboration among like-minded local growers Rafael (Chicho) Mota, Vicente Torres, Ascension Robaina and Pedro Umpiérrez, and enologist Carmelo Peña, a native of Gran Canaria. They all farm organically in vineyards surrounding Los Volcanes in the villages of La Geria, Tinajo, Masdache and Testeyna. Wines are made at Chicho Mota’s small, bodega in La Geria which employs many traditional Lanzarote winemaking techniques – lagars, basket presses, and concrete vats plus some new clay amphorae. We're excited to be importing the first fruits of their labour - fresh mineral Listán Negro and Malvasia with the salty tang of an island wine.

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