Quinta Milú

Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is an area known for big reputations, big wines, and big oak influence… not really our thing. So we were pleased to come across winemaker Germán Blanco, a young winemaker who is championing a fresher style of Tinto del Pais-- the local name for Tempranillo. He calls his project a 'Micro-winery ‘ and it is a true family business, based around the village of La Aguilera in the Burgos province. He works with very old vineyards, many of which are planted at over 900 metres above sea level. German makes his elegant, fruit-forward wines using foot-treading, wild yeast fermentation and minimal handling. All his wines share a delicious rusticity, purity of fruit, and incredible freshness. They have quickly become Indigo classics, and we see this as a project of enormous potential and value.

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Region - Castilla y León