Limarí Valley Maule Valley

Marcelo Retamal is one of Chile's most influential winemakers, he worked at De Martino for over 20 years, driving quality and a move towards terroir focussed wines. He is a partner and head winemaker at Viñedos de Alcohuaz, a high altitude project in the Elqui Valley. In 2019, he had the idea for a personal project - RETA - working with his wife and three daughters, and a selection of the best plots he has discovered during his career as a winemaker. The grapes from all the sites - Quebrada Chalinga and Quebrada Seca in the Limarí Valley; and Romelio at the north of the Maule Valley - are picked early to keep moderate alcohol and ripeness, maintaining freshness, and have a gentle élevage in neutral oak. The aim is to produce wines that represent the place they come from. This project represents a culmination of years of making wine from hundreds of different parcels and places across Chile, plus the experience of travelling and tasting wine around the world. Marcelo says: "All the work I’ve done over the past 24 years concludes with these 3 wines,”, and we're delighted to bring them into the UK.

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Region - Coquimbo