Sébastien Brunet


Sébastien Brunet took over his family vineyards in 2007 after studying at the lycée viticole in Amboise, and working with his father for six years. He's been growing the size of the project slowly and now has around 15 hectares in Vouvray along the Brenne river, a tributary of the Loire. Since he took the reigns he has been converting his vineyards to organics. He also bought a 16th century mushroom farm, to get his hands on the galleries dug deep into the local tuffeau limestone, where he now ages all his wines. He works in a meticulous way, harvesting by hand and low intervention in the cellar. Sébastien says: "Vinifications are done as naturally as possible so that the wines express the complexity and intensity of our terroirs. "

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Region - Loire Valley