Soca-Rel is a micro-cellar in Mallorca, set up by Pep Rodríguez. Pep has always been facinated by the cultural traditions of the island; the name of the project is a local expression that can be translated as "through and through local" and unlike many producers on Mallorca he chooses to focus solely on native grapes. Pep didn't study viticulture or winemaking, he learned on the job, initially working on a traditional mixed organic farm and then at José L. Ferrer, the largest winery on Mallorca. In 2008 Pep rented some abandonded vineyards halfway between Binissalem and Consell, and started making wine from the grapes he farmed. He now farms 4.5 hectares of Manto Negro, Escursac, Esperó de Gall, Fogoneu, Mancés de Tibús, Fogoneu and Vinater Blanc. He works organically in his vineyards explaining: "The people who taught me never thought of not following the lunar cycle, or bringing sheep into the vineyards. It seems that those who have been working like this for years are underestimated, but everything I have learned from these farmers has helped me a lot". Inspired by his friend Francesc Grimalt of 4 Kilos, Pep recently started to plant olive and fruit trees among his vines to provide shade and cool the microclimate of the vineyard. Winemaking is low intervention, he ferments whole berries with native yeasts, keeping the cap submerged for gentle extraction. These are pure, direct and honest wines.

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