Uco Valley

Super Uco is a joint project between all four Michelini brothers: Gerardo, Matías, Juampi and Gabriel, their interpretation of each of the terroirs they work with within the Uco Valley trying to express the personality of each place. The small octagonal winery sits in the centre of a circular two-hectare property, farmed following biodynamic principles and planted in concentric circles so that the vines have 360 degrees of exposure to the sun. The wines represent pure, fine expressions of their varietals, a common thread across the project is a search for freshness and tension. They are vinified in an assortment of vessels, from concrete eggs to conical wooden vats and even a large clay amphora. Stalks are generously used during fermentation and oak sparingly, helping to finish the wine, softening the tannins without adding flavour. In his recent Argentina report Luis Gutiérrez said: "The Michelini brothers never stop, and their creativity seems to have no limits”. Try the wines and see what you think!

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