Thibault Ducroux

Fleurie Morgon

Thibault Ducroux farms 6.5 ha of vines in Beaujolais, Morgon and Fleurie. He developed a curiosity about soil, wine and the natural world at a young age, learning about it from his father who is also a vigneron. Thibault went on to study viticulture and winemaking St-Jean d'Ardière, where he discovered the writing of Jules Chauvet, seen by many as the catalyst of the vin natur movement in France. Feeling there were "other possible paths" to what he was being taught, he worked with Julien Sunier when he left college, learning about organic farming and and natural winemaking techniques. He managed to buy 1.25 hectares in 2019 which go into his bright, fruity En Roue Libre cuvée, which translates as 'free-wheeling', a nod to both the hands-off winemaking and his love of cycling. In 2020 he secured a long term rental on 5 hectares of 50-year-old, old-vine Gamay in Morgon and Fleurie, both of which are undergoing organic certification. In the cellar he works with whole-bunches and carbonic maceration, and only uses natural yeasts, the only addition is a touch of sulphur at bottling. These are beautifully fresh and pure wines which let their terroirs shine through

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Region - Beaujolais