Thousand Candles

Yarra Valley

There's a poetic story behind the name Thousand Candles, it comes from a 19th century account by a European settler, who witnessed an ancient indigenous ceremony that granted free passage into the lands around the property to various tribes. Describing the tribesman dramatically holding aloft their firesticks, he remarked that it was as if the ‘twilight of the evening had been interrupted by a thousand candles...’. It's a beautiful property that stretches over prime 450 hectares in the heart of the Yarra Valley, incorporating vineyards, pastures, rivers and native bush. More recently they sold some grapes produced there, but it's now overseen by Stuart Proud, a viticulturalist by training, who takes a holistic approach. Farming is sustainable, using a blend of organic and biodynamic methods, to ensure well-balanced soils and a vineyard ecosystem bursting with life. They combine this with minimal intervention in the winery, because they believe a natural balance leads to wines with more depth, balance and complexity. The goal is to allow the vineyard to shine through. ‘The way we see it,’ Stuart says, ‘we have this amazing vineyard, we’re managing it honestly, and all we’re trying to do with it is nurse it into the bottle.’

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