Tinta Tinto

Casablanca Maipo

Tinta Tinto is a family run project based in the Casablanca Valley. Roberto and his wife Javiera, started making wine in their garage as an experimental project, and it became a full-time job after the 2015 harvest. Roberto started out producing wine for large corporations, selling 10 million bottles per year across 35 countries, a time they jokingly recall as his "Wine Side A". Overwhelmed by the scale and intensity, he wanted to put his heart into wine and work at a smaller scale. At Tinta Tinto everything is done by hand, from harvesting right through to the hand written and printed labels. The distinctive 'T' logo is made with a stamp carved into a potato. They source grapes from trusted grower friends, with Pinot Noir and Syrah coming from Casablanca, and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Maipo Valley. 'We have a good time with them establishing a relationship of friendship and great commitment. We opted for them because their vineyards are excellent, the best terroir and management.' The long term goal is to become vignerons themselves - they have just bought 4 hectares in the Casablanca Valley, which they hope will be known as Algarrobo DO in the future. They work sustainably, aiming to balance inputs and outputs, applying modern oenological knowledge and traditional winemaking techniques, to make what they call ‘negawatt’ or zero energy wines. These are wines with astonishing freshness and sense of place.

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Region - Casablanca