Triangle Wines

Bairrada Limarí Valley Los Chacayes

The idea behind Triangle Wines was born out of a desire to get our hands dirty with some of the best winemakers out there, whose wines we love drinking. The project started in 2016, when Alvaro met Gerardo Michelini during harvest in Bierzo, and he agreed to make a fresh modern style of Malbec for us from the Uco Valley. Gerardo has now passed the baton to Edy del Popolo and David Bonomi, the huge talents behind PerSe. The second South American partnership was established across the Andes. The De Martino family are a leading producer in Chile, making terroir-driven wines from several regions. Marco de Martino has sourced grapes from the Limarí Valley, where the combination of a cool coastal climate and limestone soils create the perfect recipe for a lean and pure Chabliesque Chardonnay and a fresh, juicy Pinot Noir. Back in Europe Sanha is a collaboration with Portuguese wine legend Dirk van der Niepoort using grapes from Quinta de Baixo in Bairrada. The project does not stop here – we continue searching, to find the best terroirs and hands to create wines we believe in.

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Region - Bairrada Coquimbo Uco Valley