Vina Čotar


Only five kilometres from the sea, on wild and rocky terrain is the Ĉotar family’s 7.5 hectare vineyard. This dry, Mediterranean land receives lots of sun and with the fierce Bora wind and a cooling effect from the Adriatic Sea, these vines thrive in their organically farmed environment. Blessed with unique land - terra rossa soil consisting of a thin layer of red top soil, a derivative of limestone that’s rich in iron - these vines grow deeply intense and pure grapes. The history of the small Ĉotar cellar began in 1974 with their restaurant where wines were produced to serve to customers. This one white and one red slowly transitioned into a winery with a restaurant and in 1990s when they bottled their first ‘Ĉotar’ vintage. Branko and his son have been responsible for maintaining the environmentally respectful practices both in the vineyard and in the cellar, reminiscent of traditional winemaking from many ancestors before. There is no added sulphur or enzymes, wild yeasts, no fining or filtration, and all of the wines spend time on their skins. This cellar, built into natural rock, allows the wine to move by gravity and the same vessels for fermentation are used for aging. Their philosophy, teamed with such a unique and special environment, gives elegant and complex wines with a huge amount of depth.

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Region - Karst