Viñas Serranas

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León

César Ruiz has been making wine at La Mandrágora Vinos since 2012, mainly working with local Rufete grape. Viñas Serranas is a side project which he set up with two friends, with the intention of creating wine with an approachable and drinkable style. They bottled their first wine Ciclón, a blend of different parcels across the region, in 2016. The vineyards have a mix of different soils, expositions, altitudes and also grapes. Rufete makes up the majority of the blend, César describes a small parcel of 100 year old vines in Miranda del Castañar as their 'little gem'. This is supplemented by other indigenous varieties such as Aragonés, Calabrés and Rufete Blanco. The wine is made in a traditional style with low intervention and minimal additions in the cellar. From the 2017 vintage, they have started to separate their five best parcels to vinify and bottle separately, including a white made with Rufete Blanco. We can’t wait to see the results of that.

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Region - Castilla y León