Vitícola Mentridana


The Sierra de Gredos is an area of rugged granite peaks, forests and hilltop towns southwest of Madrid. The combination of high altitude, free draining granitic soils, and a long growing season gives it a unique micro-climate. Vines cling to scree-slopes like mountain goats, many of these sites were abandoned decades ago, but a new generation of growers is rediscovering them. Dani Landi was one of the pioneers working with the old vines here, making elegant, mineral wines, that are redefining what was previously viewed as a workhorse variety into something that can rival the elegance and finesse of some of the world’s most sought after reds. Curro Barreño, one half of brilliant Ribeira Sacra project Fedellos, also grew up in this area. He’s a childhood friend of Dani, sharing many bottles together and winemaking influences. Since 2021 Curro has taken over responsibility for Dani’s vineyards in Méntrida, and is making wines under the Vitícola Mentridana label. Curro’s building on Dani’s meticulous foundations, interpreting the vineyards, and working with a light touch in the winery. Curro is happy to have come home to make wine in the area where he grew up, and to see the evolution of wines in the area which are becoming modern classics, graceful wines we love to drink.

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Region - Castilla y León