Château Coupe-Roses


Château Coupe-Roses is a family project. In 2008, Françoise and Pascal Frissant bought 6 hectares of vineyards in Petit Causse, with the Minervois cru of La Livinière. The Languedoc is thought of as a warm Mediterranean region, but Françoise and Pascal’s vines grow on the highest point on the southern side of the Cesse Canyon, at 250-400 metres above sea level, benefitting from cools nights and a long growing seasons. Their vineyards, which are certified organic, and framed with biodynamic practices, sit above a tall limestone cliff that towers above the Cesse River. The rocky soils alternate between solid limestone and deeper manganese rich red clay layers, which soak up the scant rainfall they receive. The majority of their white grapes (Grenache Blanc, Viognier) grow in the Champ du Roy vineyard. Their Carignan and Grenache Noir, and later ripening whites Roussanne and Marsanne, grow in their Chemin des Crozes vineyard which has clay soil covered by white stones. In 2016 Françoise’s son Mathias took over as cellar master when he finished his enology studies. He has tweaked the winemaking, fermentations are now with wild yeasts, and the process continues in a hands off way. The wines of Languedoc are experiencing an exciting renaissance, organic farming, and a focus on freshness and terroir hit the sweet-spot of quality, taste and value. We're big fans of these bright aromatics whites and refreshing reds.

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Region - Languedoc