García de La Jara

Vino de la Tierra

The García Saborido family have worked in La Jara, close to Sanlucar De Barrameda for decades. In 2007 siblings Carmen, Rocio and Martin planted a 1.5 ha vineyard 300 metres from the beach near Sanlucar De Barrameda, and are producing a red wine in the land of manzanilla. García de La Jara is named after their grandfather who loved nature and living by the sea. They planted Petit Verdot, Tannat, Merlot and Tintilla de Rota and have farmed organically from the start - insects, chameleons and birds inhabit the vineyard. They make and age their wine in a bodega next to the vineyard in a traditional method - this is a red wine with a flavour of the sea.

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Region - Andalucia