Viña González Bastías

Maule Valley

José Luis Gómez Bastías is the 5th generation of his family to cultivate vineyards on the south bank of the Maule river, 44km inland from the Pacific in an area called the dry coastline or 'rulo'. Unlike some of the larger landowners in Maule and Bio Bio they haven’t grubbed up or re-grafted their 200 year old País bush vines for more ‘popular’ international varietals. They have also stuck with some of the traditional farming and vinification practices: the music, the food, and the philosophy of respecting nature and practicing agriculture as a part of life and not just a business. They aim to create a balanced ecosystem, their four hectares of vineyards are also home to fruit trees and wildlife. Sheep control the grass and provide natural fertiliser. In 2013 Jose Luis met Daniela Lorenzo, an agronomist and viticulturalist in Santiago, she fell in love with the project and with Jose Luis! They now run the vineyards and winery together. Their objective is to live and work sustainably and look after their beautiful land and its history and traditions. The project is growing, they are improving the vineyards, and planting new sites while continuing to work in the ancestral way.

Region - Central Valley