Dominio del Cuarzo


Felipe Ramirez has built up an impressive winemaking-résumé in a short space of time. He studied in France and worked in the Rhone and Burgundy, before returning home to Chile and spending time in Maule working with old dry-farmed vines. It was here that he crossed paths with Louis Michel Liger-Belair, who invited him to be in charge of his terroir-focussed Pinot Noir project in Oregon. Felipe spent six exciting years working with a 'dream team' which included terroir expert Pedro Parra. But he couldn't keep away from Chile. In 2019 he started Dominio del Cuarzo, a project in the heart of Itata exploring the granite and volcanic basalt soils in the area that play host to very old vines, ranging from 70 to 150 years old. Felipe says: "I'm a huge fan of what has happened in Spain, with all the armada that is conquering the world with terroir focused wines, made with passion and respect for the place and the traditions."

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Region - Bío Bío